Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Prepare To Promote, THEN Promote

It seems to me that, on balance, there is an inordinate amount of attention and money spent on advertising, optimizing social media presence and attracting new clients without much thought being given to our practice systems and foundations. Of course, marketing is necessary and important, especially in this day and age. But beware of "putting the cart before the horse."

Make sure you are as close as you can be to your True North; that you have done everything you can to reduce wastes, improve quality and flow, utilize resources effectively and maximize value to your clients from their perspective before you embark on PR projects. Marketing poor systems and value streams is not the kind of PR you want.

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  1. Great post... this applies to settings outside of veterinary clinics. Try improving operations, flow, quality, and value to customers... earning their satisfaction and repeat business instead of relying on slick social media methods...

  2. Also, let's say a marketing campaign brings in a flood of new customers... and the clinic isn't prepared for that volume... it could all end up being VERY counterproductive.