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I started this blog in order to introduce and teach the system of Lean to my profession of veterinary medicine. 

When I first discovered the Toyota Production System, or Lean, I was completely enthralled. To provide greater value to the customer with less cost, less waste, better resource utilization, and greater respect, involvement and engagement of workers were the same concepts veterinarian in private practice have been struggling with. The more I read and learned, the more I became convinced that Lean and veterinary practice should be introduced to each other.

Lean is a complete system. It is standardized work for managing and growing a business. It is teachable and it is learnable. I am convinced that a veterinary practice utilizing the complete mindset of Lean will, over time, out perform a practice that is not.

About E. E. "Chip" Ponsford, III, DVM:

Dr. Ponsford (TAMU ‘80) owned a small animal hospital in El Paso for 27 years. He spent five years with a national corporate practice as Chief of Staff and was a top 20 producer. For several years, Dr. Ponsford has studied the Toyota System (Lean) and how it might be applied to veterinary medicine. He (with Mark Graban) has written articles on Lean and spoke at the 2016 TVMA Convention. Dr. Ponsford has started the only blog dedicated to Lean in veterinary medicine at www.leanvets.com. He currently lives and works in the Dallas area.

Mark Graban also contributes to and assists with this blog. Check out his blog, LeanBlog.org.

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