Saturday, April 29, 2017 Surpasses 10, 000 Pageviews

This milestone may not seem like a big deal, especially compared to other big name websites that probably get 10, 000 hits a minute. But, for me, it is astonishing, especially given the fact that my only promotion has been through my LinkedIn connections.

I went "live" with in late February of 2015. I populated the site with the different subjects Mark Graban and I presented to the Texas Veterinary Medical Association's Convention and Expo that year in San Marcos, Texas.

When Mark and I first collaborated, it was for an article for an online veterinary magazine. After publication, we were told that there had been no interest from the readership. I believe there are good reasons for this, but that is a different rant. They were not interested in anything more about Lean and veterinary medicine. 

So, to see this level of interest gives me hope (and a lot of satisfaction) that there is interest.

The other things that have been surprising are the countries from all over the world that have logged on and the posts that got the highest number of views.

I expected that I would reach viewers from the United States,  especially since I only promote to my connections on That there is an audience world wide proves to me that Lean in veterinary medicine has possibilities.

These would not have been my guesses for posts with the most hits. Very curious.

None of this would have been possible and come to fruition without the friendship and mentoring of Mark Graban. Mark has been there every step of my journey and continues to this day. He would never call himself a Lean sensei, but he has been mine in every way.

Thanks, also, to all you for reading the posts and for considering the possibility that veterinary practice could actually benefit from a Lean discussion and experiment.

So, where from here? From my perspective, it is to spread the word beyond this blog, but I need your help. I have had some difficulty in securing invitations to speak at any of the major conferences. If any of you have any connections or influence with AVMA, NAVC, AAHA, WVC, SWVS, CVC or the like, please mention us. If you know or work for a veterinary related company or organization that would be interested in sponsoring us at one of these conventions, please let me know. I think we have shown that veterinarians and staff are interested. And, I feel more are out there given the opportunity to present the concepts.

Also, please let me know what you see as the strengths of Lean for veterinarians and veterinary management. What are the weaknesses?  Do you feel the use of the Japanese terms are helpful or a hindrance?  How could I improve the way the message is delivered?

If you would be interested in exploring the opportunity of taking your practice through a Lean transformation, please contact me. These past two years have been the "Plan" stage of the PDSA cycle. It is time for the "Do" stage so that we can move on to the "Study" and "Adjust" stages.

Again, thanks for participating.  Comments always welcome!